Glass Beads

The latest innovation in glass beads fixing in fabric by embroidery machine in the world with three colors option. Three colors can change one by one immediately by manually and by design programme to in future . The beads size 2.5/1.5 (Diameter/Height) ,2.5/2.0, 2.5/2.5, 3.0/1.5, 3.0/2.0, 3.0/2.5, 3.0/3.0, 3.5/1.5, 3.5/2.0, 3.5/2.5, 3.5/3.0 also can work. This seed beads are used in embroidery by textile market.


Glass Beads also known as MOTI. Beads can also work on machine at 800 rmp. Very huge color range also available for heads.

Glass Beads Sample

Glass Beads Device

076- beads device
060- beads device

Intelligent Cording Device

040 cording devices
042- cording devices
051- cording devices